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ArgusFXpro offers a broad range of powerful tools to harness your trading skills and boost profits

User-Friendly Interace
ArgusFXpro is designed with user experience taken into consideration. Enjoy the industry's most transparent system of reporting.
ArgusFXpro's isolated margin lets you know the liquidation price and the precise amount of funds at risk when you place your order.
ArgusFXpro offers live deal flow and a $40,000,000+ deep orderbook combined from 12+ liquidity providers. This ensures that a single trader with a relatively large order can't manipulate prices.
By opening long or short positions with up to 100x leverage on all assets offered on the platform, you are able to execute your trading strategy irrespective of where the market falls.

Why you should choose ArgusFXpro's Trading Infrastructure

We realize that in the IT driven world the most valuable asset is data which could be used against you. ArgusFXpro values your privacy and the right to not disclose your personal information.
Secure trading
ArgusFXpro utilizes the most practical and highly scalable infrastructure type, that, even during peak market activity, enables traders to trade uninterrupted. ArgusFXpro combines the very best of cryptocurrency and bank-grade security standards. 100% of the assets are stored in cold offline wallets.
Transparency in every aspect
Every bit of information is available to you. From the submission of your order to its execution - you are in total control.
Price Manipulation Protection
MP Shield System
The cryptocurrency market is volatile and still relatively new. The consequences of price manipulation have been encountered many times on the global market. To counter this, we have developed the MP Shield®, which protects our clients from the drawbacks of price manipulation that often triggers unfair liquidation on other platforms. MP Shield™ is a unique development available exclusively on ArgusFXpro.
How does MP Shield™ work:
An asset's price on ArgusFXpro is dependent on the combined liquidity of 12+ different providers
ArgusFXpro does not offer illiquid assets with prices that are artificially inflated via false and misleading statements, which are made in order to sell these cheaply purchased assets at a higher price (know as Pump and Dump)
AI-based algorithmic technology by ArgusFXpro continuously monitors the consistency of received price feeds from each liquidity provider
In order to provide fair and equal trading opportunities for all traders, ArgusFXpro continuously monitors all suspicious trading activities.

Your trading profits can be increased significantly by using leverage

How much of your capital is used in the trade
Leverage used in the trade
Price change*
Price change*
Price change*
Price change*
Price change*

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Emma Avon
ArgusFXpro is gradually taking over the crypto derivatives market through its unique and user-friendly platform.
Casper Brown
ArgusFXpro is a true refreshment in the crypto derivatives space. The platform offers low fees, high leverage and security standards.
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ArgusFXpro is a solid exchange for beginners that want to learn how to trade with leverage. There are no complicated features or distractions.